In Concert: Logic at The Culture Room

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetLast week I took my nephew to see Logic in concert as part of his 18th birthday gift. Let me preface my commentary about the rest of the night by first saying I’m too old to go to concerts on weeknights. I discovered this about myself when at 10PM Logic still hadn’t made his way out. When did they start playing DJ sets at concerts as opening acts? No shade to Rhêtorík, but I get up at 5:30 for work. It’s a Thursday. Let’s get on with it. Anyway, clearly, I’m old.

Despite my cranky granny status, I will say it was a great fucking concert. People talk a lot of shit about the energy they put out, but Logic really sells me on the idea. He came out on stage and immediately informed the crowd, tonight is about Peace, Love and Positivity. If you got problems, beef, conflict, whatever, that stays outside the venue. It’s not the first time I’ve heard a performer say something along those lines, but Logic is the only one I’ve seen stop the music mid-song to check on two people in the crowd who might be fighting to remind them: Peace, Love and Positivity.

It’s such an awesome thing to truthfully and actually stand for, especially in the hyper masculine and aggressive world of rap. He chit chatted a lot with the audience, bringing a lot of fans up on stage to ask them questions or have them compete in rap battles. At one point he asked how old a kid in the audience was and upon finding out he was 12, thanked they boy’s mom. How flippin’ precious is that!?

In short, the show was great. Logic’s performance was flawless, he’s very skilled and very fast. What I like to see the most though is how happy he is. How much fun he seems to be having and how appreciative he is of the audience crowding around him, singing his lyrics back to him. He seems like someone that understands that doing what you love for a living is a real fucking privilege. I like that about him.


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