On the Oscar’s and Iñarritu’s Greencard

Yesterday I chose to ignore reason (I get up real early, y’all) and watch the Oscar’s telecast, instead of my typical secondhand viewing via twitter and instagram the morning after. I won’t say I regret it, as much as I’ll say it was a very slow night. Not much happened, but then again I guess not much ever happens? This event is just so hyped up, I think we expect more. The truth is, however, that when it does comes around it kind of deflates rather than pops…

So quickly, my thoughts on the whole thing: Lupita and J. Lo killed the red carpet, Neil Patrick Harris opened up with some white guilt, which enough guilt, fucking do something about it, then you won’t be guilty. Regardless, NPH was floundering and seemed to know it. Several winners said, “No, let me finish.” to a particularly aggressive orchestra, Common and John Legend made everyone cry and then gave a beautifully succinct and powerful acceptance speech when they won what was rightfully theirs all along, John Travolta is very creepy and does not pick up on bodily cues, J. Lo and Meryl Streep had a moment over wage gap equality and it gave me so much joy, even though I totally heard the tinge of  ‘enough gay people and brown people, now it’s our turn’ in Patricia Arquette’s speech that she later just sort of full-on blurted out.

It was all pretty par for the course, really. And then Alejandro González Iñárritu won for Birdman. I haven’t seen this movie. To be fair, I’ve only see two of the films that were nominated for Best Feature, but Amores Perros is one of my all-time favorite films, and no-lie, I loved hearing some Spanish on that stage. It was a win I could get behind. The whole thing, however, was marred by Sean Penn’s green card comment as he read the winning director’s name. A totally unnecessary statement that just goes to show how big a prick Sean Penn is. That Penn’s first thought upon opening that envelope were to make a remark about the director’s legal status shows the attitude toward immigrants, and particularly Mexican immigrants in this country and the media. Considering the whiteness of this year’s director pool, as well, I refuse to write this off as a joke. The whole thing did add poignancy to Iñárritu’s closing sentiments, though. Treat immigrants with respect and dignity.

Anyway, follow me on twitter if you wanna see me livetweet this kind of thing… or whatever.


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